At Grupo HAME, we focus on continuous improvement, which is why we govern our business actions within the framework of our Sustainability Policy, which describes the criteria that establish ethical and transparent behavior internally, as well as in the social, political and social environment. economic where we influence.

We seek that our operation contributes to the well-being and development of employees, their families and the communities in our areas of influence.

Our Policy is aimed at strengthening the integral management of sustainability for the creation of shared value through its three pillars: Governance, Human Rights and Environment.



At Grupo HAME, committed to preserving the environment, we created the NDPE Policy (no deforestation, no plantations on peat soils, no exploitation) known, by its acronym in English, as NDPE, complements the commitments contemplated in our Policy of Sustainability.

Human Rights


Committed to Human Rights, we promote equity, dignified and fair treatment and respect and integrity of the person and their work, in compliance with the provisions of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” and the application of international agreements, generated from the World Labor Organization; in addition to the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala and current legislation on labor matters. All these documents framed by the United Nations Organization and ratified by the Government of Guatemala.



For Grupo HAME to continue being leaders in our businesses, it requires meeting the demands of an increasingly demanding and and heterogeneous society, which is why the management of the inclusion of women in the workplace has become for us in a priority need, which encompasses and involves the entire organization. Currently, 15% of women belong to the Management area.  

Grupo HAME is committed to respecting human rights and equal opportunities, without any type of discrimination, for which it presents our gender commitment.


Working plan of the

Gender Commitment
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