Who we are

WE ARE HAME, because our essence is the mark in our daily work, committed we directly contribute  to our country´s development, with responsibility we care for nature maintaining a balance with our environment, with leadership and perseverance we boost the well-being and growth of over one hundred communities in our areas of operation;  with dedication and effort we collaborate to the well-being of over twenty-five thousand families, every day with our work we contribute to having a better country for us, for our children and for future generations.

WE ARE HAME, because we seek excellence with quality and consistency

WE ARE HAME, because we generate value and trust

WE ARE HAME, because we leave our mark in what we do

Today, more than ever, we are convinced that our purpose and our raison d’être are to generate economic, social, and environmental value in a sustainable way in every step we take, leaving a mark of excellence, quality and consistency.  HAME stands for trust.

WE ARE HAME because our mark conserves the essence that guide us to build a future of prosperity and development.

Our History

We began in Ocós, San Marcos in 1952.  Engaged in agricultural sowing, cultivation, and production with dedication and care, our history is a journey through time that has left a mark. Following the vision and the relentless example of work and perseverance of our founder Hugo Alberto Molina Espinoza (HAME), we have grown cotton, refined and commercialized oils and fats, established palm and banana plantations; crops in which we have been pioneers, persevering, and innovators and this has lead us to be the best in what we do.   

Sixty-eight years later, under a responsible, efficient and sustainable management we are recognized at national level and internationally as the largest producers and exporters of palm oil in Latin America, the largest independent banana producers in the world and as  retailers of vegetable oils and fats with high quality standards. We are recognized for our consistency and excellence; we are known because we generate value in each of our steps and we generate “trust”.